Japanese accessories
Japanese creation

In the range of clothes with a futuristic design, a large number of passionate amateurs of Japanese products will find something to impress them in the collection presented by Chikako Inoue, the great Japanese fashion designer.

The designer has specialized, in fact, in creating Japanese at all levels, from clothes to accessories which, under her label  are elegant and full of originality.

The range of accessories by Chikako Inoue

And among them,  a special mention must be made of the most beautiful effect on women - whether it's hats with their futuristic looks to take the breath away, or berets that are very sexy for the same reason, or cydwoq (on barefeet) these comfortable as well as beautiful shoes , with their design showcasing the lovely feet of women, or  still in the forefront of style , or the gaiters that meet the same criteria and some are made with the same material as the kimono.

The OBI belt and other belts

But the highlight of the Japanese accessories presented as part of this collection of excellent taste, is actually a beatifully made Japanese belt. In particular the OBI belt with its vibrant colours and very worked design from a kimono sash fabric, which can draw the attributes of the eyes of the woman wearing it.

And if  we look at the quality of the hem line and flower shaped designs that appear on this Japanese belt, we can  only admire the talent of Chikako Inoue.

Suffice to say that with the OBI belt designed by the stylist, Japanese fashion is presented in the range of products that represent Japanese womens wear, at its best or most favorable auspices.

Items ideal for any woman

Still, the Japanese belt is an article among others, alongside the many products designed by Chikako Inoue, to showcase the talents of this fashion designer.

Whether Eastern or Western, any woman is certain to find, in the range of clothes designed by the visionary Japanese fashion designer, accessories that can highlight her beautiful form and  profile. Especially as our stylist has found the colours and shapes that fit the accessories  that harmonize perfectly with the clothes (dresses, kimonos, etc..) Presented in the same collection, by Chikako Inoue.


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