The Japanese stylist Chikako Inoue is a longstanding Parisian by adoption. Concerned about preserving Japanese sartorial art, she recycles and diffuses a refined Japanese fashion, in a very personal style, more avant-garde than traditional.

On her online store, you will find her Japanese apparel and footwear collections recycled from ancient silk kimonos, as well as Japanese fashion iconic accessories, tastefully selected and imported from Japan for her Parisian shop and her online store.


IKIAN, the Japanese online store

Through the online store, named Ikian or Iki House, Chikako Inoue celebrates IKI Japanese fashion, meaning a both elegant and non-conformist fashion. Inspired by Japanese workwear, she designs, for her Trazita collection, a contemporary and bold fashion that perfectly suits the image we have of the Parisienne, always on the lookout for the fashion detail to get outside the box and the mass production ready-to-wear.

In an eco-responsible approach, she perpetuates the erstwhile Japanese clothes beauty by retouching or recycling ancient Haoris, Kimonos and Jubans to give them a second life with a more western appearance, and by reusing plain silk to realize clothes with a sober and elegant cut.

The Obi are not left behind: these ancient kimono belts adorned with beautiful patterns embroidered with gold thread, are recycled to realize beautiful shoe designs and Japanese bags, combining leather and shimmery fabric in an original graphic composition. Obi shoes are the masterpiece of the Ikitabi collection. This model, inspired by traditional Japanese shoes with separated big toe : the jika-tabi, is available in high and low boots, and ballerinas. The Ikitabi line also offers plain leather models, in a wide range of trendy colors.

On this Japanese online shop, you will also find a variety of flat Japanese thongs : the Setta, or Japanese thongs with high wooden heels : the famous Geta. You can also find funny Tabi socks with separate toes, and a variety of hats, jewelery, Japanese accessories and curiosities imported from Japan.

You will also be able to compose the ideal Iki outfit : Dressed with a silk Haori, Nikka pants and an alpaca sweater from the Trazita collection, and fitted with a pair of Japanese Ikitabi boots, you'll be ready to face urban jungle daily challenges !


TRAZITA, the Japanese shop in Paris

If you are visiting Paris, take a walk in the Marais area, it is one of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods in Paris; but most of all, this is the place where you can find Chikako Inoue's Japanese shop.
Nestled at 23 rue des Blancs Manteaux, near the Hotel de Ville and the rue des Rosiers, the Trazita shop will introduce you to a new facet of Japanese fashion, allowing you to admire, touch and try the clothes of the Trazita collection, the Japanese shoes from the Ikitabi collection and a whole range of recycled kimonos, Japanese accessories and curiosities imported from Japan.

This shop is Japan in Paris ! There you can find all kinds of amazing items, gift ideas, it's a paradise for lovers of Japan and beautiful clothes…

Plan to spend some time there : the shop is full of surprises. You can even find unique items that have not been marketed on the Ikian website !

Visiting Trazita shop is like making a trip to Japan, with a small stopover in India for silver jewelry and gemstones… You will spend an out of time relaxing moment, being advised on demand on the choice of a hat to match your outfit, talking about fashion and Japan in French, English or Japanese!

Come whenever you want ! The shop is open every afternoon from Monday to Sunday !


SEE YOU SOON on or at Trazita's : 23 rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris !

The Parisian shop is open every day from 12:30 to 19:30 and Sunday from 15:00 to 19:00
And online, the webshop is of course open 24/7 !