IKI is a subtle Japanese aesthetic concept defining a natural and spontaneous elegance tinged with non-conformism.
IKIAN: "IKI House" offers a style with mixed origins for an audacious look, carefully designed clothes in noble materials…

The Japanese stylist Chikako INOUÉ, founder of IKIAN, is a "Parisian by adoption" since 1989.
After a childhood spent in her parents' garment workshop, working costume manufacturers in Japan, and studying at the Tokyo Institute of Design, she began a career as a borderless stylist, working in Paris, New York, traveling the world to conquer the famous IKI style!

After collaborations with various fashion designers as Hanae MORI (Haute Couture) and Martin MARGIELA (Avant Garde), she created IKI SARL in 1997 to launch her own clothing line: TRAZITA, then in 2004: IKITABI by Trazita, her famous shoes collection that will become her brand's iconic product.
Her collections are distributed on IKIAN online shop and in her Parisian shop in the Marais district: the TRAZITA boutique, 23 rue des Blancs Manteaux.

IKIAN webshop offers :

  • TRAZITA : The clothing brand created by Chikako INOUÉ reflects a cultural mix inspired by her multiple travels.
    By diverting the traditional dress codes and associating the textile know-how from these different countries, TRAZITA is the result of an alliance between the Japanese avant-garde spirit, the exoticism of the Indies and the Andes, and the European classical elegance.
    For all genders, his style is sometimes an androgynous strand, for a modern and bold silhouette.
  • IKITABI : The shoe brand created by Chikako INOUÉ revisits with style the traditional Japanese shoes with separated big toe that are commonly called "jikatabi" (or "tabi shoes") to make "ikitabi" (or "classy tabi" !) with a wide range of colors in a high quality leather, printed or lamé fabrics.
    Both traditional and avant-garde, IKITABI boots and ballerinas give an original look to any outfit.
  • You will also find other Japanese shoes like the GETA, halfway between clogs and high thongs, they are made of paulownia wood and adorned with shimmering Japanese prints, as well as the SETTA: traditional Japanese thongs…
  • a selection of old Japanese kimonos : short kimonos called Haori, long kimonos (Juban, Yukata, ...), or quilted kimonos for winter (Hanten), but also kimonos transformed into dresses, skirts, tunics ... they are recycled with care in an eco-responsible and stylish way.
  • A wide selection of unusual Japanese accessories (Gamaguchi bags, Japanese school bags, Tabi socks with separate toes, Yagasuri scarves and Shibori scarves from the Trazita collection) and other Tokyo-made craft curiosities (traditional masks, Tenugui, decorative toys… )
  • A large choice of hats, headbands and turbans, from the Trazita collection, but also: The Girl and the Gorilla, ID Hats
  • A wide variety of 925 silver jewelery the stylist brought back from her distant travels, as well as amazing Murano glass rings, or Douglas Poon carved crystal jewelry…

You can also find all these items in the Parisian shop of the Marais district :

The TRAZITA store (23 rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris) is open every day from 12.30 pm to 7.30 pm, and from 3 pm to 7 pm on Sundays.