Japanese shoes

Ninja footwear, Ninja shoes, Ninja boots

The Ninja is a warrior of the heroic age of Japan, we are happy to observe that the shoe designs of the same name  resemble the boot, in this case,  especially beautiful to look at. And instead of  dressing a soldier, Ninja shoe dresses a woman who loves Japanese fashion in its various aspects. And in particular when it is the prerogative of the Japanese designer Chikako Inoue.

The Japanese Boots

The collection of Japanese boots presented as part of her collection, by this great lady of high Japanese fashion, although very diverse in its colors and materials used in the manufacturing of the boots or shoes, is characterized by a very high level of finish - that gives the boots a very chic and very elegant - and a very distinctive design that goes back - as we have already seen – to an ancient tradition.

In short, the woman who loves Japanese fashion and wants  to be very classy in her boots, can only buy the refined products designed by this very fine stylist. And be particularly impressed by the level of  the hems, since they  have all been  so well constructed.

Japanese toe socks

To get into her boots, women who love Japanese fashion will find in the same collection  flip-flop Socks (Socks also called fingers), whose fingers, precisely, are at their end - one being reserved for the big toe, and the others for the other toes of the foot of the woman.

These socks are coated with  shimmering Japanese colours, it is hardly surprising the success of such attributes with women who love Japanese fashion.

AND to show that these sock fingers belong, in their original configuration, to the same ancient tradition as boots, Chikako Inoue has sometimes included, the image of a samurai. Because it is probably him that the great fashion designer thought of when designing the Ninja shoe. And if  not , the mere mention of the Samurai is enough to give the woman wearing the sock of the same name, the image of being very respectful of Japanese traditions represented here by clothes of excellent quality .

But what is, above all, the charm of this design is a talented stylist that blends tradition with the very modern Japanese fashion. And to the delight of all those women who, Eastern or Western, admire  Japanese socks.

The Japanese Tong

The Japanese Tong is a flat soled shoe on which are fixed two flanges forming a Y with the bottom of the letter is between the big toe and other toes, it fully represents the requirement and complement of the flip-flop socks.


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