Adapting Japanese fashion to Parisians' sharp taste, the designer Chikako Inoué has selected for you some of the most emblematic Japanese accessories.

Japanese bags



  • the Randoseru is this famous Japonese schoolbag, used by all Japanese kids since the 19th century.
    Very design, randoseru is an elegant and original backpack.
  • a selection of purses or card holders in Koshu-Inden (lacquered suede). Formerly used for the decorative elements of the Samurai armor, the Inden is a suede with lacquered designs slightly embossed.
    Inden is a manufacturing technique respecting 400 years old craft traditions.
  • Also Inden seal cases, smaller than a purse, this tiny case is originally made to store a Hanko stamp, used to sign every important document in Japan (for this purpose the hanko is equipped with a medallion containing a red ink sponge) but you can put in a lipstick, a pill box, a jewel, or any little secret…
  • Gamaguchi bags from Kyoto, in satin fabrics with floral and colorful prints
  • Camellia pouches : this is the famous floral motif created by the poet and designer Yumeji TAKEHISA (1884-1934). A classic with retro charm…

To complete her TRAZITA clothing line, Chikako has also designed a handbag line with original Japanese prints, including :

  • the Kikkou Bag: original leather and canvas handbag with a very graphic Japanese print
  • Japanese Obi strapped purse/pouch : in leather and Obi kimono belt fabric embroidered with gold thread, it can be worn on the shoulder or as a belt.
  • the Mitsuko clutch with geometric wave patterns or various Japanese flower prints
  • the Shingen bag : canvas bag decorated with the Sayagata traditional Japanese motif which symbolizes luck and eternity
  • the Hokusaï tote bag and the Hokusaï smartphone pouch, inspired by the famous Hokusaï wave
  • Make-up and toilet bags in Obi silk (traditional kimono belt) lined with cotton.


Curiosities and accessories imported from Japan

  • Such as bamboo and silk Japanese fans to fight against the heat wave with class…
  • The famous Japanese incense Jinkoh Seiun is made from precious aloe wood. Aloe, also called Jinkoh, has an elegant fragrance with relaxing properties. Rare in the West, it is an original and refined gift idea.
    It is the one perfuming the TRAZITA store in Paris…
  • The famous Obi belts, in leather and woven silk with Japanese patterns: to match with a Obi Ikitabi pair for a guaranteed IKI effect!
  • Tekkou wrist cuffs : these pairs of decorative cuffs were elements of Japanese uniform used to protect the wrists. They are made of reinforced cotton and are closed with the same Kohazé hooks as the Ikitabi boots.
  • If you can dress your wrists, your ankles will not be outdone: You can adopt black or beige leather Japanese gaiters. For a conquering IKI look, you will wear them over low Japanese shoes, getas or even matching color sneakers!
  • The Tenugui are fine Japanese cotton towels printed with traditional Japanese patterns. There is an amusing model of Hokusaï / Godzilla tenugui, with an original patterned textile depicting Godzilla playing in the famous Hokusaï's waves painting…
    They can be used as scarves or as a decorative wall panels.
  • The Noren are Japanese curtains delicately printed with Japanese flower and fan patterns, they are traditionally used as a room divider, or on a door frame.
  • A selection of Japanese handmade soft toys : made with kimono fabric, sewn and painted by hand, they are one-off pieces made in Tokyo! Ikian offers you a whole series of animals: bears, elephants, cats, rabbits, to be hanged as decoration for children's rooms ... A good idea for a decorative Christmas gift.
  • Traditional Japanese masks : carved and lacquered paulownia wood rare items, they are the work of a renowned Japanese craftsman: Isamu TAKAYA (born in 1939).
  • offers you an impressive model of Shishigashira mask, red and gold lion's head, as well as a cheerful Otafuku mask or Okame mask, representing the pink and smiling face of the divinity of cheerfulness and and good mood ! To offer to the nice grumpy people around you… ;) These are one-off pieces that may vary depending of restocking.


Japonese socks

On Ikian online shop, you will find a whole choice of tabi : Japanese socks with separate toes, for fun, or to wear with Japanese shoes with separate toes (Ikitabi, Geta, Setta…). To offer, or to offer yourself to keep your feet warm with cheerfulness. They exist in plain or printed version, with separate big toe or with 5 separate toes, for men, women and children…


Japanese shoes

IKIAN distributes IKITABI © : the shoe brand created by Chikako INOUÉ. She revisits with style the traditional Japanese shoes with separate big toe, usually called "jikatabi", with a wide choice of colors in high-quality leathers, printed or lamé fabrics, and a luxury version: the Ikitabi Obi, made from recycling leather and lamé Obi fabrics (traditional kimono belts). Ikitabi shoes are available in tabi bootsankle boots and ballerinas.
Both traditional and avant-garde, this variation of traditional Japanese shoes with separate toes has become the emblematic product of her collection, distributed worldwide.

On the online store you will also find Getas : Japanese thongs with paulownia wood heels adorned with a beautifully printed silky fabric strap, as well as Settas : flat Japanese thongs for a more traditional Japanese look.


Accessories from the rest of the world


On Ikian online shop, you will also find a wide choice of accessories the stylist brought back from her travels. Coming from India or elsewhere, they are just a click away on the ikian e-shop !


Chapeaux, bonnets et bandeaux

Pour parfaire vos tenues et compléter la collection de bandeaux et de bonnets Trazita © , Chikako Inoué a séléctionné pour vous toute une gamme de chapeaux de belle facture en provenance d'Amsterdam (Bronté by ID Hats) et de Hambourg (The Girl & the Gorilla). Chapeaux, Fédoras, casquettes, cloches, toques, berets, turbans, head-bands… Il y en a pour toutes les têtes !


Hats, beanies and headbands

To perfect your outfits and complete the Trazita © headbands and hats collection,
Chikako Inoué has selected for you a whole range of beautiful hats from Amsterdam (Bronté by ID Hats) and Hamburg (The Girl & the Gorilla). Hats, Fedoras, caps, bells, toques, berets, turbans, head bands… There is something for every head !


Gloves, mittens and mesh cuffs

To keep you warm and looking good on a crisp winter day, long alpaca knit mittens with Yagasuri reliefs are one of the benchmark accessories for the Trazita brand.



From India, a wide variety of 925 silver jewelry : different chiseled sterling silver bangles, ankle chains and toe rings to wear with getas, silver and fine stones rings, earrings and necklaces…

In a more avant-garde spirit, a series of mysterious hand carved and polished resin jewels, crystal-like, looking both antique and futuristic, by the Hong Kong designer Douglas Poon, as well as amazing Murano glass rings.


You can also find all these items in the Parisian shop of the Marais district :

The TRAZITA store (23 rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris) is open every day from 12.30 pm to 7.30 pm, and from 3 pm to 7 pm on Sundays.