Encens japonais Jinkoh Seiun

Japanese incense Jinkoh Seiun


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Be seduced by Jinkoh Seiun Japanese incense that we have selected for you and that deliciously scents our shop.

This incense based on agarwood (also called aloe, oud or agar) offers an elegant blend of deep and soft notes, giving it a relaxing effect.

The word Jinkoh means "sinking wood" and refers to the aloe wood, which is so impregnated with resin that instead of floating on water, it sinks. Agarwood comes from the aquilaria tree which grows exclusively in the forests of Southeast Asia.

Over a long period the resin reacts and creates an exquisite scent that can only be expressed as one of the true mysteries of nature. The charm of agarwood, created through a unique natural process, is difficult to describe.

110g box (approx. 160 14cm sticks)

Men size
14 Items

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