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Ikian, the Japanese online store

To raise awareness of the items sold by the Japanese Shop Paris,   Chikako Inoue has created Ikian, the Japanese online store that caters to all Internet enthusiasts for Japanese tradition. They can enjoy themselves, thanks to images showing the clothes featured on the Japanese site Ikian, the talents of Japanese designers, including that of the great designer Chikako Inoue, at the moment of creating clothes know perfectly how to  marry - here, in their  Japanese inspiration - tradition and modernity.


The Japanese Boutique Paris


Lovers and enthusiasts of Japanese clothes installed in Paris, or passing through this city, can find something satisfying at the Japanese Store Paris which Chikako Inoue has especially opened for them.


By entering this Japanese store, they can enjoy the creations of Trazita, the top Japanese fashion designer has created for them. Including the shoes which are very special, very pretty to look at and very futuristic in their concept, and ultimately very comfortable, what Ikitabi is by Trazita.


The range of goods offered by this shop


By visiting the Japanese Store Paris, they will also enjoy other items in this collection: dhoti, kimono skirts, trousers, kimono dresses, T-shirts, scarves, socks, bags and other accessories such as Japanese capes, belts, hats, berets, etc..


All these articles reveal themselves in different materials (themselves covered in different designs) and in different colours, they were created to satisfy customers who, while being interested in Japanese fashion, have very diverse tastes. And also credit goes to the Japanese clothes at the Japanese shop Paris Chikao Inaoue wanted to bring to the attention of Westerners.


The atmosphere of the Japanese store created by Chikao Inoue

Those who live in Paris or are visiting , will find in the Japanese Store opened by the designer not only an excellent display of Japanese clothing, but also a Japanese atmosphere that is found nowhere on the Internet.


For by immersing yourself in the very special  and very pleasant atmosphere that prevails in the Japanese Shop Paris, and by trying on the items in the collection Trazita displayed and sold in this shop, will you truly be captivated  by the quality and beauty of the design of clothes designed by Chikao Inoue.


And for those who do not have the time to get there, can find something to satisfy their taste for Japanese fashion by visiting Ikian, the Japanese online store.

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