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Traditional Japanese garment, the kimono is a choice of clothing both original and elegant. You will find on our site a wide range from which to choose  a Japanese kimono for men or a Japanese kimono for women.

Discover the traditional Japanese kimono

The kimono is the traditional Japanese garment par excellence. Care should be taken not to confuse it a little  with  the  training jackets worn for martial arts, as it is a garment of the highest class that essentially the Japanese wear on special occasions.

The kimono is a garment for both men and women, T-shaped, falling to the feet or ankles, depending on the size of the wearer. It usually has long sleeves: for young women, it is traditional that they fall to the ground! It is held up by a kimono sash called "obi".

More importantly, if you choose a traditional Japanese kimono, be sure to cross it in the right direction, that is to say, left over right. Otherwise, you would  be committing an error of taste. Little anecdote: the tradition is that the dead are dressed in the fabric crossed in the opposite direction!

The Japanese style and fashion at Japanese

The Japanese kimono for men is traditionally more sober  and less embellished than the Japanese kimono for women.  While the kimono for women has 10 accessories, the mens merely has 5! That is, wearing a kimono is puting yourself in the Japanese fashion which is an art ... dedicates the pages of its website selling online for lovers of Japanese style. You will find on
a wide selection of items: choose a Japanese garment, a shirt, scarf or accessories to go with your kimono.

Our articles have been brought up to date and reinvented Japanese fashion to highlight your elegance. Choose from our kimonos "Choli", our kimono style tunics or our kimono skirts   for men and women. To improve your appearance, we also sell belts "obi", as well as gaiters and sandals "obi".  To be dressed from head to foot by adopting a decidedly original and innovative Japanese style.

At, clothing tradition rhymes with style, design and refinement.



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